Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome one and all to Anime Hour!

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So first off this is in no way attempting to be a "real" hardcore anime site...

This purpose of this site is to open up a tiny door into the universe of Japanese anime and maybe even Japanese culture for people who are otherwise mostly ignorant to both (like myself).

We will be watching seasons of crazy ass anime of my choosing. I figure we'll watch an episode or two a week, or maybe up to an episode a day. It has all yet to unfurl in my mind, but i want to get it launched...

This site provides a medium for all playing along to give their two cents on each episode and discuss insights into the Japanese world. But I expect it'll just be a lot of trashing of the crazy ass anime we watch.

People that are interested in this little adventure can sign up or whatever needs to be done and leave a comment on this post, it'd be cool if people would stay for the whole season. I'll keep an updated list here of people currently watching.