Saturday, December 16, 2006

.Hack/SIGN Episode 2

Yup it's here, episode 2!

.Hack//SIGN episode 2


Mpagri said...

You gotta love that theme song. Its so trippy.

Mpagri said...

That talking cow thing that "grows up" and then just flies off...WTF?!

And I all flipped out when Sora killed BT, forgetting we're just watching them in a game. And then she comes back and explains how she lost hours of work, prob leveling up.. I'm ashamed to say I know how that feels..

Anonymous said...

i think the randomness of the music is supposed to represent gaming music - thats why it doesnt matter what hes talking about or thinking and the music never seems to fit - it matches the game not his mood

Mpagri said...

wtf man why wont it let you put a name